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Title VI and Title VII Fact-Finding Inquiries

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act states that no person should be denied access or prohibited from receiving benefits of federally funded programs based on the grounds of race, color, or nationality. On the other hand, Title VII negates employee discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
Agri Solutions PhD takes it upon itself to conduct fact-finding inquiries between employer and employee, employee and non-employee (such as board member), or a complaint filed against the entire organization. Our workplace fact-findings help determine the cause behind the complaint on a neutral ground.

How It Work ?

We perform routine inquiries where our dedicated team members work as neutral fact-finders. Coupled with our experience and in-depth procedural knowledge, we provide a thorough assessment by:

  •  Gathering relevant facts, scenarios, and opinions from the involved parties
  • Analyzing relevant data and evaluating credibility to separate fact from fiction
  •  Delivering sound, reasoned fact-findings to concerned decision-makers for appropriate decision making

Title VII Civil Rights Counseling and Mediation

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits disregarding a person for employment based on racial, cultural, religious, gender, or national discrimination. Our counseling and mediation services revolve around educating organizations and stakeholders about implementing the rules and regulations and acting as the mediator to resolve disputes.
We’re firm believers in playing a collaborative role as a mediator and counselor to benefit both parties – plaintiffs (employees) and defendants (employers). Backed with our extensive experience in handling complex cases, we are more than capable of smoothening disputes with lesser complications involved.

How It Work ?

At Agri Solutions PhD, we’re not only impartial and neutral but also dedicated to serving the best interest of all stakeholders. As a result, our counseling sessions lay out the relevant information for employers, giving them sound knowledge to reform their organizational practices. Moreover, our mediation process involves:

  • Listening to the concerned individuals with a compassionate yet neutral stance
  • Evaluating and determining the facts and findings that can help formulate a resolution plan
  • Offering the best possible resolution to mitigate legal risks and resolve disputes

Employee Climate Assessment Finding and Recommendation

Workplace environments are often exposed to internal and external factors. These factors may influence how employers react and shape the office culture. Employee Climate Assessments play a pivotal role in helping companies identify, address, and eradicate the influencing aspects before disrupting the healthy work environment and workforce.
Agri Solutions PhD offers assessments and recommendations to keep a harmonious climate that paves the way for high productivity and optimum employee satisfaction. Our assessments are a viable tool to ascertain and summarize organizational strengths and weaknesses as well as evaluate issues that require immediate measures.

How It Work ?

As an organization harboring diverse employees, your workplace setting can face challenges you may or may not see coming. Our approach to culture and climate assessments involves:

  • Gathering, reviewing, and analyzing relevant documents, including policies and procedures
  • Conducting interviews with employees on neutral ground to extract viable information
  • Making findings based on the obtained information and issuing recommendations for betterment.

Empirical Cause and Effect Studies in Federally-Assisted and Conducted Programs

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act refers to the prohibition of discriminating federally-assisted and conducted program admission based on race, color, or nationality. The Act also supports that no one should be stripped of such programs’ benefits. When discrimination tends to occur, it threatens to disrupt the overall environment and individual or group of individuals’ perspectives.
Agri Solutions PhD takes a step further by conducting empirical cause and effect studies. We have qualified and knowledgeable team members with expertise in federal governing laws. As a result, they keep a keen eye on the causes and conduct well-sourced studies that deliver plausible results.

How It Work ?

Every action constitutes a reaction. So, while rules are meant to be followed, a single deviation can result in drastic scenarios. We perform cause and effect studies that deal with:

  • Evaluating the changes that may or may not occur in the presence or absence of a cause
  •  Determining the possible results when civil rights laws are followed and implemented
  • Offering assistance to stakeholders to enable well-informed and sound decision-making
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