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Agri Solutions PhD is a multi-discipline small business that provides various products and services. Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we have co-principals in New Albany, Mississippi, and Marietta, Mississippi. We pride ourselves on our pool of providers carrying years of experience in local, state, and federal program administration.

Our work process involves conducting workplace climate assessments, solution developments, and recommending solutions for organizational betterment.
Moreover, we conduct cause and effect studies in empowerment zones to identify any possibilities of disparate treatment applicable to program regulations and civil rights laws.

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VII Civil Rights Counseling & Mediation

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are crucial for organizational success. We offer counseling and mediation sessions to guide owners about Title VII Civil Rights Act.
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Workplace Climate Assessment Finding, Recommendation, & Training

Our workplace climate assessments focus on finding an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. After that, we recommend solutions and train employees to react to situations the right way.
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Empirical Cause & Effect Studies in Federally-Assisted & Conducted Programs

We perform cause and effect studies in empowerment zones to evaluate whether civil laws and regulations are being upheld and observe the aftermath with and without following rules.

Coordinated Assessment Reviews of Title VI Programs

We have dedicated professionals who perform coordinated assessment reviews to evaluate if Title VI programs are sans any discrimination and bias.
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Are you looking for expert advice to follow and implement Civil Rights laws and regulations in your organization effectively? Need guidance about keeping a healthy work environment? Either way, we’d love to offer our services. So, feel free to schedule a free initial consultation anytime.

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